Monday, 23 May 2011

Two days in camp!!!!


So...... job site was shut down on saturday night, due to the potential of one of the northen alberta fires coming into contact with a 240KV power line, and an excess of low lying smoke.  What this has meant is we have 3500 people stuck in thier cookie cutter rooms, watching TV, wandering the halls, smoking, and simply gossipping about the outcome.  I have found most of this experience to be quite humorous ;).  WE have all attended three meetings so far, with our respective companies, and have a fourth to look forward to this evening.  The best part about those is the fellow on the mic, a real texan....... sounds one hundred percent like the councillor at the school in Southpark, Mr. Mackey  mmmmkay.  Hahahahahahah!!!!!!  What I did find out is some good news though, it seems that we are back down to level 1 from level 2, level three being a full de-mobilization of the camp, which means that I get to fly home tomorrow as was originally planned.  Which I'm very excited about, the beer at the flying beaver ( Pub about 5mins away from the southern vancouver terminal) is calling my name..... and I'm fairly certain that the canucks are going to end the series with San Jose tomorrow. 

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