Friday, 1 July 2011

I'm Back

I am light I am Love
I am the embodiment of consciousness everflowing
I have the ability to create.... to change
the transformation of all that I am is an ongoing purpose
I am love everflowing
I exist
I evolve
I experience and I grow
The energy that I put forth
I receive tenfold
there is nothing that cannot be accomplished with the pure will of my intent
Manifestation is divine
I am divine
and you are the same as I

Monday, 23 May 2011

Two days in camp!!!!


So...... job site was shut down on saturday night, due to the potential of one of the northen alberta fires coming into contact with a 240KV power line, and an excess of low lying smoke.  What this has meant is we have 3500 people stuck in thier cookie cutter rooms, watching TV, wandering the halls, smoking, and simply gossipping about the outcome.  I have found most of this experience to be quite humorous ;).  WE have all attended three meetings so far, with our respective companies, and have a fourth to look forward to this evening.  The best part about those is the fellow on the mic, a real texan....... sounds one hundred percent like the councillor at the school in Southpark, Mr. Mackey  mmmmkay.  Hahahahahahah!!!!!!  What I did find out is some good news though, it seems that we are back down to level 1 from level 2, level three being a full de-mobilization of the camp, which means that I get to fly home tomorrow as was originally planned.  Which I'm very excited about, the beer at the flying beaver ( Pub about 5mins away from the southern vancouver terminal) is calling my name..... and I'm fairly certain that the canucks are going to end the series with San Jose tomorrow. 

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Summer Freedom

Here is another old poem/song
This one is dedicated to Cortes Island

I woke up in the morning
the sun was shinning bright
stepped out of my hammock
and Oh! what a sight

The wind she was a blowing
a warm summer breeze
all around was peacful
I love days like these

Summer Time! Sun Shine!
Smiling faces everywhere
Cool Lakes! Handshakes!
The beauty of the earth is here

I went down for a swim
and Oh! it felt so good
it got my body moving
like I knew it would

The early morning people
shared thier joy with me
and I could not help but feel
friendly and care-free

Summer Time! Sun Shine!
Smiling faces everywhere
Cool Lakes! Handshakes!
The beauty of the earth is here

I saw many wondrous gardens
growing oh so high
full of many colours
all rising to the sky

So many veggies full of life
from lots of love and care
fruit trees all around
abundance here to share

Summer Time! Sun Shine!
Smiling faces everywhere
Cool Lakes! Handshakes!
The beauty of the earth is.....
the beauty of the earth is....
the beauty of the earth is...... Here!!!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Human Being Human

This is an old Poem/Song I wrote back in 2003...


The world it gets so strange sometimes
and I wish that I could see
just what this crazy planet
has got in store for me

I don't know what I'm doing
or where I'm heading to
and when my minds starts spinning
well I express my point of view

I feel like singing in the moonlight
I feel like singing in the rain
I feel like singing to the music
I feel like singing once again

Sometimes the way things happen
well it must be destiny
and someday I hope I'll realize
exactly what this means

But when I feel like grooving
and my body hits a flow
all my dreams seem real then
and my face becomes aglow

I feel like dancing in the moonlight
I feel like dancing in the rain
I feel like dancing to the music
I feel like dancing once again

My friends all want to help me
with words all spoken true
you know this may sound funny
but they feel like I do

So it seems that I might make it
It seems that I might find
a place to sit and contemplate
a place to ease my mind

I feel like being in the moonlight
I feel like being in the rain
I feel like being part of the music
I feel like being..... being..... being

A little background Info

Okay.... well, for anyone who is interested, and either following my adventures or just popping in for a peek, here is the story.

The company I work as a plumber... William Kelly and Sons, recently aqcuired a contract to do some work up near Fort Mac.  I happened to be one of the folks they decided to invite to come along.  After deciding that it was something that I needed to do, for various reasons, I found out that I would indeed be working right in the tar sands.  Yeesh..... for someone who cares a bout the environment, and really wants to be a force of positive change, this was a far stretch.  My intentions though however are to take the money and extra time off that I get from working up here and invest it in myself, and a sustainable lifestyle.  I plan to take trips into the states to involve myself in workshops on natural building, learn as much as I can about passive solar heating systems, electricity by solar power, electrycity by human power, grey water systems, gardens.... permaculture... I wish to immerse myself in a green living lifestyle, one which I can and will share with anyone who is open to it.  Lets go cobbing shall we .......... :)

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Poems from the Tar Sands

Early in the morning on the way into work, I am continually inspired by the sunrises.  This has come to me in the form of poems and small sayings that I posted on Facebook.  I'm going to re-post them here, and add to them as i continue my work in the Tar Sands....

April 24
Bright golden sunsets
Peace of mind
Majestic light
slashing through flakes of snow
tranquility for body and soul
love overflowing

April 25
Grey skies over dead trees
Burnt, scarred
Bodies twisted in skeletal deformity
New life choking on the dust of destruction

April 29

Breathe ......
Center presence... Center mind
Focus passion... Focus intent
...Touch beauty .... Touch warmth
Create ......
Dream love .... Dream life
May 2
I am fire, I am life
I am purest energy
Thought provoking
Contemplative, and driven
I will fly an I will soar
...As the red tailed hawk
To heights unknown
I will be the creator

The First Step

Hmmm.... well since I just created this... I doubt that anyone will be reading it anytime soon.  The purpose of this blog is to create a space for me to write down thoughts and ideas that I wish to share with people close to me.  It gives an opportunnity for closer communication with important people.  I hope that those of you who stop by... whether I know you very well or not at all, will leave me messages... any message left will warrant a response.