Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A little background Info

Okay.... well, for anyone who is interested, and either following my adventures or just popping in for a peek, here is the story.

The company I work as a plumber... William Kelly and Sons, recently aqcuired a contract to do some work up near Fort Mac.  I happened to be one of the folks they decided to invite to come along.  After deciding that it was something that I needed to do, for various reasons, I found out that I would indeed be working right in the tar sands.  Yeesh..... for someone who cares a bout the environment, and really wants to be a force of positive change, this was a far stretch.  My intentions though however are to take the money and extra time off that I get from working up here and invest it in myself, and a sustainable lifestyle.  I plan to take trips into the states to involve myself in workshops on natural building, learn as much as I can about passive solar heating systems, electricity by solar power, electrycity by human power, grey water systems, gardens.... permaculture... I wish to immerse myself in a green living lifestyle, one which I can and will share with anyone who is open to it.  Lets go cobbing shall we .......... :)

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