Sunday, 8 May 2011

Poems from the Tar Sands

Early in the morning on the way into work, I am continually inspired by the sunrises.  This has come to me in the form of poems and small sayings that I posted on Facebook.  I'm going to re-post them here, and add to them as i continue my work in the Tar Sands....

April 24
Bright golden sunsets
Peace of mind
Majestic light
slashing through flakes of snow
tranquility for body and soul
love overflowing

April 25
Grey skies over dead trees
Burnt, scarred
Bodies twisted in skeletal deformity
New life choking on the dust of destruction

April 29

Breathe ......
Center presence... Center mind
Focus passion... Focus intent
...Touch beauty .... Touch warmth
Create ......
Dream love .... Dream life
May 2
I am fire, I am life
I am purest energy
Thought provoking
Contemplative, and driven
I will fly an I will soar
...As the red tailed hawk
To heights unknown
I will be the creator


  1. you are living the reality i might find myself in.. to shine your light in the darkness and earn some credits to navigate and build you life... if we can go up there and trade our labours for credits and the spend those credits on creating a better world (insert all the ideas we've shared about energy efficient homes and lifestyles) then in effect we are transmuting the greed into sustainability. I will be pleased to sit down with you reubs next time we do and discuss life :) love you brother

  2. Very well said chris. That is exactly how I look at my work up here, as a trade, my time and energy into this project that is going to happen regardless, and in return I can focus more intent on creating sustainability in my life and hopefully the lives of others. Deffinately looking forward to brainstorming some ideas with ya. love you too bro